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WD-HAN Plays Lions After Dark Farewell Show with Kerry Courtney

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Last night we had the huge honor of playing the farewell show for our friends in Lions After Dark. Also sharing the bill was Kerry Courtney, who many may know from American Idol, but who Tampa music lovers know as the incredible lead singer of Goodnight Neverland.

Needless to say, they show was incredible - playing with musicians like this, how could it not be? On nights like this, it's really special being a musician and being from somewhere, if you know what I mean? As I was standing in the audience at Fubar, I just couldn't help feeling pride that these amazing artists are my friends and peers.

To Maddie, Curt, Andrew and the rest of the Lions After Dark crew, your last show was a perfect send off, and a vignette of your time together as a band. It was raw, it was fun, it was personal, it was beautiful and most importantly it rocked balls.

I know this isn't the end of music for any of you, just a rearrangement. Good luck in the future...not that you'll need it.



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