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April Single: Red Sun 4/24

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Now it is April, and Song Three of WD-HAN’s Spring of 2020 Quartet, Red Sun, blows the door open to how to interact with people successfully: communicate. Spencer Barnes’s clean expression of plaintive, tentative, hopeful lyrics demonstrates the power of opening up to another. You can almost feel the hands beginning to touch in the song.

A red sun associates with danger, which sets the scene for how important this song’s message is. Every reach is dangerous, every step in another’s direction is a risk, but the reach must be made, the step must be taken, or life is an empty shell. This song gets you there safely.

Red Sun, like all of WD-HAN’s songs, integrates all musical facets perfectly: rhythm, melody, lyrics, and that undefinable element, passion.

Pre-save it here:

Read the full Press Release here.

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