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August Single: Falling

Updated: Sep 4

Brace yourself. Falling is only for those who understand the risks of flying. Nothing else compares to being an eagle, riding heaven’s roller coaster, kissing the clouds.

Is the joy of flight worth the hunter’s bullet, unexpected? Not fatal, but perhaps better that it were, the clouds now out of reach?

Brace yourself. Hearts rend with wings, and only inner strength will slow the falling.

WD-HAN’s first song of its Autumn quartet, Falling, dives deep into Contrast: light/heavy, high/low, bright/dark, in both lyrics and music. Melody falls when you think it should rise, and you feel the contrast. Ripples of bright song trace a dying eagle’s descent. Falling reminds you how powerful music can be, the painfully beautiful emotions music can inspire. Once again, WD-HAN unlocks a hidden room in your heart.

Falling has been released as a mailing list exclusive. So if you're ready to fall head over heels, sign up here:


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