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March Single - 'Shiver' 3/27

March, when the world is balanced between cool and warm, brings Shiver, and lesson two in the book of people: Some people scratch fingernails on the blackboard of your soul. WD-HAN takes a haunting, spooky look at those who pass all understanding, which in the end, serves to shrug them off as irrelevant.

This amazing song takes all the sting out of betrayal, bringing you relief and new life. It uses specific musical techniques to accomplish this, not the least of which is Cal Henry’s guitar interlude from about 2:30 to 2:50. Those twenty seconds are worth the price of admission all by themself.

As Song Two in WD-HAN’s Spring of 2020 Quartet, Shiver continues to lay the foundation for

building inner strength.

Pre-save 'Shiver' here.

Blog written by: Don Dewsnap

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