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The Bad Verbs + WD-HAN = LOVE

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Have you ever met those people, where when you meet them it’s just instant connection? This is what it was like for us with The Bad Verbs. From Tallahassee, they asked us to come up and play at their CD Release at the end of last year. As soon as we met them we knew they were our kind of people.

Heidi and Craig are two of the nicest and most down to earth people around. Two weeks ago we took the trek up to Tallahassee again to play with them at The Wilbury. Their set was unreal. The natural stage performance and skill as musicians creates an atmosphere where you just can’t help but get up and groove. Even Cal was dancing during their set and he tells me resoundingly that he doesn’t dance.

Two days later we brought them down to St. Pete to take over Ruby’s Elixir. If you haven’t been to Ruby’s it’s a must visit spot in St. Pete. The part we love most? No tvs. If you’re going, you’re going to socialize, listen to great local music (all vetted bands!), drink and maybe have a cigar or two. You’re going to have a great night.

And we did. Can’t wait to be playing with The Bad Verbs again!

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