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WD-HAN at 97x's Next Big Thing, from Cal

We just performed at Next Big Thing! It was one of the best days of my life - no lie! We were so excited to begin that we were the first band to arrive at the festival on Sunday. Ha! More time for a sound check?

We had been working for weeks on a drum opening for our set where Spence and I got to drum with Lea. We even had our own color drum sticks! After the drum opening I was too excited and threw them without looking where they went...sadly never to be found again. Rest easy Red Sticks.

As usual our set went by way too fast. One minute we’re about to go on, the next we’re ending our last song and packing up our gear. How can it be over already?! I guess that’s a good thing?

We then went backstage and were surrounded by musicians from other bands, each with their own dressing rooms. Vance Joy, Walk the Moon, Paramore, seemed a bit like Summer camp where guys would walk in and out of each other’s rooms, giving big greetings. It was very cool to see and be a fly on the wall.

THEY ALSO HAD PUPPIES FOR ADOPTION. Marjorye and I almost adopted one but we were told it was too young and wasn’t up on the site just yet. We kept an eye out for weeks but never saw it. Biggest regret of my life.

Before this comes to a close I need to tell you an embarrassing story: I am a huge Walk the Moon fan. As we were waiting backstage, Kevin and Eli (bassist and guitarist respectively) were hanging out and weren’t surrounded by people so I mustered up the courage to go talk to them. I wanted to tell them how inspiring their music has been for me. And I did that...but here’s how it went:

M: “Hi guys, my name’s Cal.”

K: “Hi, I’m Kevin.”

E: “Hey man! I’m Eli - three letter names!”

M: “Uhh, yeah so...”

As I turn to Kevin to tell him about one of their songs that helped me through a hard time...blah blah blah. TOTALLY missing an opportunity to crack a joke like “Did we just become BEST FRIENDS?” to Eli. Marjorye is still laughing about it. But thankfully they took my intense communication and handled it with ease, minimizing my feeling like a dork. Needless to say they are super nice guys.

Festivals are my favorite shows to play, they’re long days and lots of people. It’s an intense energy. Can’t wait for the next.

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