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NYC or bust?

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Well. We missed our first flight ever.

On Thursday we were (supposed to be) heading to New York City. Flight booked. Bags packed. At the airport 1.5 hours early. Just after we checked in we got the infamous notification that our flight was delayed by 2 hours. Oy.

We decided to go into Pei Wei and get some dinner, it was also directly across from our gate and more comfortable than those airport chairs. We hung out in there for a few hours doing very important things like getting sorted on Pottermore…. (Bonus fan points to you if you can guess which house we all got sorted into.)

40 minutes before our flight was supposed to take off we went to the gate and what do we see? Our plane pulling away from the gate…without us. Uhhh. We checked our phones, nope, no notifications. Wait, actually Spencer got one EMAIL that the flight was now departing earlier… seven minutes before it departed.

Lea pulled us over to the next gate and we started talking to the agent there - Hector. HUGE PROPS TO HECTOR. He heard us, totally understood and said that in Pei Wei they actually don’t make the announcements - which is why we didn’t hear our names called over the loudspeakers! He saw the email and the time we got it and hooked. us. up. He got us on the flight the next morning, helped us extend the stay so we didn’t have a shorter trip in NYC and waived all the fees. Hector is the man.

Then we went and got boba.

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